Schutz US Brand Strategy

Photo courtesy of Schutz

Photo courtesy of Schutz

Schutz, part of the Arezzo Group based in Brazil, opened its first store on Madison Ave in September 2012. RBA began working with the footwear brand in June 2014 to conduct an overall brand assessment and recommend areas of growth within the US market.

RBA conducted assessments and made recommendations on areas including but not limited to:

  • Brand identity and positioning within the market;

  • Key competitors;

  • Target customer profiles;

  • Merchandising assortments and classifications;

  • Price point positioning across classifications;

  • E-commerce and mobile experience;

  • Retail strategy and roll-out;

  • Retail experience and visual merchandising;

  • Treatment of promotions and markdowns;

  • Comprehensive marketing and social media strategies; and

  • Organizational structure/roles and responsibilities

In addition, RBA conducted a series of focus groups to gain consumer insight.

Following the assessment, Schutz has substantially improved its sales both in-store and online and will be opening multiple locations in Los Angeles.