Zadig & Voltaire Acquisition

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RBA prepared a brand assessment of Zadig & Voltaire for TA Associates, a London-based private equity firm. RBA provided TA Associates with a U.S. market positioning report assessing the overall status of the brand, evaluating its existing market footprint, its viability for expansion in the U.S. market and recommendations as to short and long-term growth initiatives.

TA ASSOCIATES acquired a 30% stake in Zadig & Voltaire in 2012.

MARKET POSITIONING | In advance of its entry into the U.S., RBA established Zadig & Voltaire’s position within the U.S. market by assessing and identifying its competitive set and its brand adjacencies in other markets. RBA helped identify the customer and provided a profile based on their background, brand allegiances and overall aesthetic.

BRAND MESSAGE | RBA assessed and identified key brand attributes including signature product and identifiers used to define the brand message. RBA also evaluated overall consumer brand perception, awareness and media coverage in the U.S.

DISTRIBUTION | RBA analyzed the sales and distribution structure of both wholesale and retail, to determine the different opportunities and efficiencies in the U.S. market.